Benoit Antille invited me to join the Symposium ¿Creative Villages? in Leytron.

The symposium was a collaboration between the Ecole cantonale d’art du Valais (ECAV) and LAPS, Research Institute for Art and Public Space, Amsterdam

left to right: Assistant student of ECAV, Nils van Beek from TAAK,, Eric Philippoz from Hotel Philippoz, and Ronny Hardliz,

left to right: Ronny Hardliz and Jeroen Boomgaard, head of LAPS, Research Institute for Art and Public Space, Amsterdam
Benoit Antille: “Like many cities and rural areas now adopting the concepts of the creative economy, the village of Leytron in the Swiss Alps aimed to develop an art project to increase its visibility, generate social interactions, and attract outside audiences—particularly the tourists visiting Ovronnaz, a resort located in the upper part of the territory. Ultimately, rather than launching a municipal gallery, a sculpture park, or even a community-based project, the Municipality accepted to host ¿Creative Villages?”

Through focusing on the issue of art in public space, this seminar seeks to address artistic modes of production at a time when, according to John Byrne, “there is no longer any possibility outside the world of the commodity form.” This seminar will question artists’ and curators’ working modalities and production frameworks, and will examine the types of works that are produced in such a context.