Curdin Tones (1976) is pursuing his art practice since his graduation in 2003 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. At current he is based both in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Tschlin, Switzerland. Since 2004 he is represented by Andriesse&Eyck Gallery in Amsterdam. His work has been added to national and international collections. Currently he is setting up an artist initiative in a small alpine village Tschlin (CH) that aims at developing projects in collectivity around locally timely topics. www.somalgors74.ch

In addition to his artistic practice, since 2007 the artist has been lecturing at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in the departments of Fine Arts, Basic Year and Dog-time. Occasionally Tones also works as guest tutor in different Academies throughout Europe.


Andriesse – Eyck Gallery
Paul Andriesse and Zsa-Zsa Eyck
Leliegracht 47
1016 GT Amsterdam NL


Solo Projects and Exhibitions

2016Intervention nr 8 | Circus Of The Everyday | Studio Palermo x Tique | art space | Antwerp BE
2016A Set of Circumstances | at Code Rood | Arnhem NL
2016Proposal to Close an Alley | work in public space for Somalgors 74 | Tschlin CH
2015MITV - More Issues Than Vogue | work in public space | Amsterdam NL
2014Craps e S-charpas (Stones and Shoes) | self-initiated project in public space | Tschlin CH
2014 The Wide and Open | Lumberyard | Marfa US
2013 Milk and Star | at Lost Property | Amsterdam NL
2012 A Flat Dimension | at Het Torentje | Almelo NL
2010 From Chaos To The Brain, Robinson Crusoe | at Galerie de Expeditie | Amsterdam NL
2007 Here | Rijksmuseum Twenthe | Enschede NL
2006 Curdin Tones | at Galerie de Expeditie | Amsterdam NL
2005 Art Forum Berlin | with Galerie De Expeditie | Berlin D
2004 Bewoonbare Geometrie | at Galerie De Expeditie | Amsterdam NL

Group Projects and Exhibitions

2018expected: Nomadic Mountains | SCHUNCK | Heerlen NL
2017Terp voor een Toekomst | work in public space for Kunstenlab Deventer and IJSSELBIENNALE 2017
2017Ein Liebesabend | Public event at SOMALGORS74 | Tschlin CH
2016Circus Of The Everyday | in collaboration with E. Deen at Achter de Ramen | Amsterdam NL
2016Antwerp Art Weekend | with Mr. Makedo and Tique art space | Antwerp BE
2016Gerlach en Koop | Bonnefanten Museeum | Maastricht NL
2015 You think the only people who are people, are the people who look like you… | at Two Queens | Leicester UK
2015 Some Loopholes Ain’t So Loopy | at FLUX | Kortrijk BE
2015 Graduation Show Sandberg Institute | at Aldo van Eyck’s orphanage | Amsterdam NL
2013 Top Floor | at DordtYard | Dordrecht NL
2012 Selected works in the collection of the Rijksmuseum Twenthe | Enschede NL
2011 The shortcut | at Arti ent Amicitiae | Amsterdam NL
2009 Censured Pornography | at the Service Garage | Amsterdam NL
2008 Project Alp Tea | in Tschlin CH
2008 Larger Than a House, Smaller than a Building | at Cluster | Berlin D
2008 Existence in a letter | Cluster | Berlin D
2007 Salon9 | at Loods 6 | Amsterdam NL

Publications and Reviews

2018expected: C.Tones | Participatory Hobbies | to be published in Experimental Practices | Brill publishing | Leiden NL
2018C.Tones | Participatory Hobbies | to be published in ¿Creative Villages? Nr4 | Leytron CH
2017Nim Goede | Crear in Comunanza | interview for Metropolis M 08.11.2017 | http://www.metropolism.com/nl/features/33512_curdin_tones
2017Terp voor een Toekomst | in context of the IJSSELBIENNALE 2017 in several newspapers and magazines in the Netherlands
2017Kester Freriks | Langs de Ijssel | Walburg Pers NL
2016Flurin Andry | Telefon a Tschlin per court darcheu in funcziun | review for La Quotidiana CH
2016C.Tones | Instability as Resource | published in ¿Creative Villages? Nr2 | Leytron CH
2016C. Tones | As the Swallows | Poster for SOAMLGORS74 | Tschlin CH
2014Flurin Andry | L’Uman Politisà in Fuorma da Sculptura | review for La Quotidiana CH
2014Nicholas Knight | The Wide And Open | review for online magazine Glasstire US
2011Ilse van Rijn | Caroussel | text for A flat dimension at Het Torentje in Almelo
2007Janneke Wesseling | Making and Knowing | text for catalogue of exhibition at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede NL
2004H. den Hartog Jager | Beelden van Bomen | review in NRC Handelsblad 25.05.2004
2004 Rob Perrée | Reviews | in Kunstblad 61

Conferences, Lectures and Research

2017L'art dans l'Espace Rural | conference at Centre International d'Art et du Paysage | Île de Vassivière FR
2017Les nouveaux Produits du Terroir | speaking at conference of Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia | Leytron CH
2017SOMALGORS74 | Lecture on art in rural territories at Hochschule der Künste Bern | Bern CH
2017Research at EKWC European Ceramic Work Centre | Ooisterwijk NL
2017Member of Kenniskring | for LAPS Lectorate Art & Public Space | Amsterdam NL
2016Symposium ¿Creative Villages? | Project participant | Leytron CH
2015Graphic Design project with Matthias Kreutzer and Our Polite Society | for LAPS Lectorate Art & Public Space | Amsterdam NL and Tschlin CH
2014Discussion panel with Francois Dey, Kees van Gelder, Gael Odilon Paccard and Micha Zweifel | at Penny University | Amsterdam NL
2012Project participant at Eet Je Uitzicht, an analysis of the esthetic’s of a rural landscape | a project of SKOR and Kunstvereniging Diepenheim NL
2012Theater project with Thibault Maillard | design advice for What Else To Say | Frascati Theater | Amsterdam NL
2009Participant at Werkatelier Middag-Humsterland, an analysis of the esthetic’s of the landscape of Groningen | a project of SKOR (Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte) | Groningen NL
2008Participant in panel discussion in: In Conversation, Symposium on sculpture in rural landscape | The Sidney Nolan Trust UK
2008Visual analysis of Achitects studio and building ground | Bogdan & van Broek Architects bv | Brussels Be
2007Commission for sketch-design for an Atrium | by SKOR (Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte) and Theo Tegelaars

Lectureship and Educational Writing

2016writing: C. Tones | Essen als Alibi | Magazin Werkspuren 04-2016 CH
2016writing: C. Tones | Zusammen und Allein | Magazin Werkspuren 03-2016 CH
2015-2016guest lectures and teacher training | given at Sint Lucas | Gent BE
2015guest lectures for HFG Karlsruhe | DE
2015Chair, for discussion panels during Rietveld Teacher Study Days on Constructing Educational Situations and School-NonSchool | at Gerrit Rietveld Academy | Amsterdam NL
2014Lecturer for Summer School Marfa | Marfa US